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Tri Con Works LLC®, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is a leading environmental contractor, specializing in the construction and maintenance of methane gas recovery systems for solid waste landfills. Since its founding in 1998, TRI CON has constructed hundreds of customized, turnkey projects to meet the needs of private and public landfill operators, doing so with one of the industry’s most exemplary regulatory compliance records, both for the construction of methane collection and flare systems, and the construction of feeder systems for electricity power plants.

Due to its expertise Tri Con has established one of the most efficient and non-disruptive processes for construction in the methane recovery industry.
Known for its unfaltering attention to detail and non-disruptive construction style, Tri Con also has an established reputation for its best-in-class project execution, as well as one of the highest compliance/safety records in the industry, with hundreds of successful projects completed. 

Our goal continues to be to provide the highest quality service in the industry at competitive rates to exceed all of our customer’s needs and expectations.


              OVER 150 YEARS OF EXPERINCE...
                                       ... AND COUNTING
An open methane gas flare burns bright in the Texas sunset. Gas flare installation 
is one of Tri Con’s specialties
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