GPS & RFID Tracking

Our GPS & RFID powered/monitored construction processes provide for the tracking of equipment, materials, and personnel to maximize project safety and efficiency.

We use GPS or RFID to track our equipment which enhances safety, creates operational efficiencies, eliminates project downtime, and minimizes carbon footprint.

Benefits of Using GPS & RFID Tracking

While the program is focused on internal operations, our overall adherence to ESG guidelines increases the ESG scores for both our own company and our customers by:

Minimizing carbon footprint, reducing GHG, water pollution, and waste

Helping to produce Industry low TRIR

Increasing customer satisfaction

Contributing to an exemplary record of regulatory compliance

Improving employee relationships

Supporting innovative compensation packages

Creating operational efficiencies improving supply chain management, reducing transportation and fuel usage

“Knowledge divided by time equals competitive advantage.”

What Sets Us Apart?

Our unique use of proven technology is shifting the paradigm of how landfill GCCS construction services are delivered to the market.

Rolling back methane emissions would prevent more than 250,000 premature deaths, and more than 750,000 asthma-related hospital visits, each year from 2030 onward.