Since its founding in 1998, Tri Con Works has constructed over 1,000 customized turnkey projects to meet the needs of private and public landfill operators.

We track the positioning and movement of our field-based personnel with a safety-first culture in mind, producing a “World Class” TRIR, innovative compensation packages, and improved employee relationships.


We are the country’s leading environmental contractor specializing in the construction and maintenance of methane gas recovery systems for solid waste landfills throughout North America.

Together with our sister company, Diamondback Works, we have the ability to deliver turnkey project solutions including renewable gas-to-energy power plant design and build along with the full field installation of landfill gas collection systems.

Our team, with over one hundred years of experience in GCCS development, has successfully completed projects on behalf of every major waste company in the industry and municipalities across the U.S.


Tri Con Works (TCW) operates throughout the US and will continued to expand our service area as necessary to accommodate our clients’ needs. We are uniquely positioned in the industry to “follow” our customers into new territories as required.

“TCW has a ‘bias for action.’ When planning is complete, we understand the risk of not moving.”

What Sets Us Apart?

Our operating procedures are centered around environmentally secure and responsible practices that minimize the effect on the environment maximizing our customers’ ESG scores.



Do things the right way.

Team members at TCW adhere to a higher standard, whether personally or professionally, to always do things the right way. No matter the difficulty, the cost or consequences, we do what’s right.


Have fun.

Performance creates many chances for teammates to have fun. TCW promotes a “lighthearted” atmosphere where there is no fear and personnel are always encouraged “to make someone’s day”.

Take care of each other.

We always rise to the occasion and look out for each other. All our high-performance teams become like family, because we’re part of something special. We watch each other’s backs, create a safe and productive workplace, each of us doing our part for the good of the whole.

Continuous improvement.

We build our team with a focus on hiring “A“ players who know without change there is no improvement. TCW is a “change ready organization” that strives to get 1/10 of 1% better through change every day. Our attitude driven “Swiss Army knife” approach is key.