Tri Con Works (TCW) is acutely aware of the criticality of hiring and retaining “A” players.

Roger Gossett


Roger Gossett is an industrial maintenance and construction services executive with extensive U.S. and international experience. Mr. Gossett has served in an executive capacity, primarily as President and CEO for industry leading corporations for over 25 years. He is known for implementing unique strategies that are tailored to each company he leads. Additionally, Mr. Gossett is known for building high performance teams and always looking to add “A” players to the team. This combination has proven to be a “recipe for success” throughout his career. Exponential growth has followed him at each stop in his career as an executive. Mr. Gossett is an author, advisor, speaker, and subject-matter expert in a number of areas. Subjects such as Transparent-Incentive based contracts, Work-Face Planning & Advanced Work Packaging, Vertical Contracting, and Continuous Improvement Processes to name a few. Publications such as World Energy Magazine, publications of CII, NACE, BIC Magazine, and many others have published his work. Gossett is known as a “fanatical planner” who drives strategies to results.

Corey Allard


Corey is a highly experienced results-oriented landfill gas professional with experience in both the engineering and construction of landfill gas collection and control systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Texas Tech University which led him to start his career in the industry as an engineer and transition to construction in 2017, when he joined the Tri Con Works’ team. Corey is involved in all aspects of the Tri Con Works’ organization, including estimating, procurement, project management, construction planning and execution, revenue/profit forecasting, and P&L management. He possesses exceptional leadership and communication skills. Over the years, Corey has developed long-lasting client relationships throughout the landfill gas industry. He is an adaptable and innovative problem solver who improves performance and exceeds client expectations.

Sarah Humphries

Corporate Controller

Sarah has an extensive career in Accounting, specifically in job cost and construction. She has been with the Tri Con Works organization since 2006. Her overall experience includes areas of General Business Management, Accounting, Procurement, Operations Management, Marketing, Event Management, and Sales. She developed this knowledge and experience in various industries, particularly Construction, Oil & Gas, and Heavy Equipment Rental. She is a proud alum of the University of Houston, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree. Sarah drives change by implementing better processes and leading an efficient team.

Francisco Canepa

Director of Health, Safety and Environment

Francisco has over 25 years of experience in HSE roles across numerous industrial sectors (Refining, Petro-Chemical, Gas, Plastics, Power, Nuclear, Manufacturing, Distribution, Pulp & Paper), and both domestically and internationally. He has a proven history of not only ensuring regulatory compliance, but also implementing best practices that go above and beyond mere compliance. He successfully accomplishes this by involving all of the business departments and units to work together for the same result, which is for our employees, clients, and adjoining communities in having a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

David Cartlidge

Quality Control

David joined the Tri Con Works’ team in 2018. DJ has extensive experience, Level 3 CWI, in the Petro-Chem, Power Plant and Offshore Oil and Gas Industries. His inspection experience covers materials testing, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, structural masonry, structural steel, piping, vessels and associated equipment. DJ’s background also includes experience in pipe and steel fabrication, drafting, building hydro test packages, maintaining weld maps, electronic weld logs and maintaining quality control documents and files. DJ has been a great asset to the Tri Con Works’ team.

Casey Taylor

Director of Southeast Operations

Casey has extensive experience on various local, regional and national projects in the solid waste industry. His experience also includes high pressure transmission pipeline construction as well as project design/development and construction management of new landfill gas systems. With his design, maintenance and troubleshooting expertise of existing landfill systems, Casey provides a valuable insight into solving complex solid waste and landfill gas related issues in today’s industry.

Rob Porter

Production Manager

Rob has been with Tri Con Works since 2014 and started his career as a Superintendent. He has since been promoted to Production Manager over all field projects and employees. His vast experience includes landfill gas construction, excavation, HDPE fusion, safety/OSHA Compliance, material management and equipment operation. He has some of the highest production rates in the company, with a great safety record, maintaining a good attitude and work ethic. Rob is responsible for overseeing quality of work, site safety implementation, and monitoring compliance of design with client specification. He has supervised and completed many, many landfill gas jobs, exceeding all expectations as P.M.