Performance Dashboard

The hyper-competitive market drives the need for real-time, actionable information. Our performance dashboard tool is unique in the use of a proprietary algorithm that distills and integrates the key metrics that drive our business success.

“Focus on the critical few, rather than the trivial many.”

– Joseph Juran

What Sets Us Apart?

Information is easily accessed in a single-view application allowing us to manage our operations in the industry’s safest and most efficient manner.

We calculate a “composite index rating” that tracks the company’s aggregate performance in nine different safety and quality categories, along with the operational details at the project level.


Having immediate access to critical performance data ensures that we can make necessary, real-time adjustments in our project execution and deliver on time and within budget.


Less than a 0.02 TRIR over the past 4 years


National operating footprint


Strategically located constructions crews

Over the course of 100 years, methane has had a 25x greater global warming impact than carbon dioxide.