Renewable Energy Development

TCW offers exclusive vertical construction of renewable natural gas projects. Working with our sister company Diamondback Works, and solid waste landfill owners (private & public) or RNG developers, we have the internal capability to provide the installation and expansion of landfill gas collection systems along with the construction and assembly of the gas upgrade facility within the scope of an EPC contract.

Renewable Energy Development Services

TCW executes work as a vertical contractor offering a wide range of turnkey development of renewable natural gas projects including the following:

Modeling of project development and value

Municipal RNG sources (landfills, waste water plants)

Interconnect contract negotiations

RNG supply management and balancing

Contract/Deal structuring

Delivering RNG to end-use markets

Monetization of RNG

Regulatory program compliance

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What Sets Us Apart?

Our landfill gas-to-RNG solution is the only “wellfield to wheels” (gas-to-pipeline-to-fuel) offering to the market.

This integration of services reduces GHG emissions and the total carbon footprint of our customers’ operations throughout North America.

Within every project we implement:


ESG Guidelines


GPS & RFID-powered and monitored construction processes


Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Workface Planning (WFP) processes


TCW offers a turnkey program for the agricultural sector that purifies biogas generated by diaries that can subsequently be sold and injected into the natural gas distribution system, compressed and used as vehicle fuel, or processed further to create alternative transportation fuel, energy products, or other advanced biochemicals and byproducts.

We are a company that has the following:


A Safety First Culture


Core Values


Experienced “A” Team Players


A Structured Process


Systematic Program Management


Nationwide Footprint


Innovative Technology

The methane emissions generated by US landfills contribute more GHG annually than all the cars in New York, Texas, and Florida combined.